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Elvanto Resources

Our list of resources for assistance with Elvanto at FUUSE is growing. Here are some helpful links:



Looking for Volunteers to Serve

Looking for Volunteers to Serve 
The Nominating Committee is seeking to fill many open positions on some important committees and groups at FUUSE, beginning terms in July this year. Please consider if your talents and skills might serve any of the following roles:
•    Board of Trustees (standing meeting once a month, liaison to other groups within FUUSE, other special projects, involvement in many aspects of community life)
•    Personnel (experience with personnel processes and management, contact with and support of staff)
•    Stewardship (key responsibilities for engaging in conversations with and support of congregants regarding financial support for FUUSE)
•    Property (many hats, hands-on support for our facilities both maintaining, repairing, and improving)

Each of these positions requires varying levels of time, skill, and energy. Which might be right for you? Please reach out and let us know and we can give you more details. We would love to hear from you:  Denise Short, Chair of Nominating Committee, at 603-686-1233 or denise_short@hotmail.com or look for me at coffee hour this Sunday!  Thank you!

FUUSE Budget Hearings

The FUUSE Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 10 in the Sanctuary following the service.  All booked signed members are eligible to vote.  As per FUUSE Bylaws, new members must sign the Membership Book a minimum of 30 days before the Annual Meeting to be eligible to vote.  If you are uncertain about your eligibility to vote, please contact Yvonne in the church office. If you are unable to attend and wish to designate a voting member to serve as your proxy, please submit your written dated and signed request, indicating who you appoint as your proxy, to the office to or anyone on the Board of Trustees.  For further information, please contact Jonathan Winsor at jpwinsor@hotmail.com.

Prior to the Annual Meeting on June 10th there will be three Budget Hearings. These will be held in the Sanctuary on:

  • May 10 at 6:30 PM
  • May 12 at 9:00 AM
  • May 13 at 11:15 AM

All are welcome to attend.

Universe Story at FUUSE

We are celebrating Earth Day here by telling the Universe Story during the worship service on April 22nd.  This is a chance for us to tell the story of the creation of this astonishing universe with playfulness and scientific accuracy!  We read the story of the universe unfolding and members of the congregation step up on the stage of the universe to represent everything from matter forming to the earth forming to life beginning.  You don’t have to know the whole story, just your part!  We are looking for players for many parts in the story – these parts require no rehearsal and there are no lines to remember but you do need to be here by 8:30 on the 22nd to get your cues for participating.  Click here for a list of Parts *** .  Contact Laurie Loosigian for more information about the parts lloosigian@yahoo.com or to sign up.  You can also sign up in coffee hour April 15th.  It’s a joyful and awe inspiring ride to be part of the unfolding of the universe, join us!  Bring a friend.
***  Many of these parts you are invited to bring your own costumes, points for creativity and also for simplicity, the universe loves a wild mix:
Characters with specific parts to play
Matter and gravity, wear marriage outfits
Tiamat, grandmother supernova star
Wears a brilliant outfit and births the sun
Smaller sun - our sun
Mother Earth, brown green outfit turns to green later (Katurah Krep)
Moon (Griffin Rice)
Promethium-photothynthesis Robin Hood like (Olivia Kreps)
Grim Reaper one or two (Bruce Menin)
Flower and Bee-pollination
First Humanoids-cave like people (Paul O-Neil)
Two farmers and two horses (papier-mâché horses in the church attic
Ice Queen (Renay Allen-Hitzrot)
Learned persons (one or two)

chorus members wearing costumes to come up front when called:
Big Bang dancers, stars, planets, comets, meteorites, bacteria, oxygen, worms, fungi and algae, fish, amphibians, insects, tree (Heather Crowley has all the planets that she had made)

People in their seats can participate and come in costume:
Starts, fish, amphibians, frogs, insects, small mammals, birds, flowers, big mammals like wolves, chimps, bears, whales, gorillas, elephants and giraffes

Finding Stillness in the Eye of the Storm

Finding Stillness in the Eye of the Storm
Have you been feeling off balance with all that is happening in our world? Are you looking for better ways to navigate the inevitable difficulties life presents us with? Join us for a 5 week introductory course on mindfulness meditation on Sunday afternoons in April from 3 - 4:30 pm. You'll learn practices to help you find your composure in the face of rapid change and develop skills to explore your internal terrain and habitual patterns with kindness and humor as a way to more deeply connect with yourself and others. Minimum of 6 people, suggested donated $10 - $100. Please contact Heather Crowley at hlcandblr@yahoo.com, 603-347-2027, or during coffee hour to sign up.

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