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Logging in for the First Time

If you are a member of FUUSE, your profile -- errors and omissions and all -- has probably already been set up in Elvanto. We want you to log in, review it, and correct and improve it. 

To log in for the first time, send an email to webmaster@exeteruu.org, saying that you want to check on your FUUSE Elvanto profile. We will reply to your email (be patient, it might take a few hours) with a "link" that will allow you to create your own password. 

Facebook or Google Login

You may have a question about the ability to "Link" Elvanto to your Facebook or Google account.

According to the discussions in the Elvanto forum, nothing gets posted to Facebook from Elvanto. That's just a mechanism to make life easier for people who may be logged into Facebook already, but would be challenged or just annoyed by yet another login and password for FUUSE/elvanto. It lets them validate their Elvanto identity through their Facebook identification. Elvanto will then try to pick up your name or picture from Facebook.

If you are a user of GMail or Google Calendar, you can also use your login to Google to connect you with my.exeterUU.org. 

In either case, for best results the email address for you in the FUUSE Membership database should be the same one that you used in your Facebook or Google profile.

Send any questions or report any problems to webmaster@exeteruu.org



Membership Database Chosen

FUUSE has selected a service named Elvanto (www.elvanto.com) to help keep us organized and communicating effectively.

Elvanto is a full-featured church membership and management database system, with tools for managing groups and events and processes and volunteers and religious education. It includes an online member directory and a versatile calendar system. Elvanto has powerful security and privacy features, and so far seems easy to learn and use (compared to the dozens of other possibilities that were reviewed or tested.)

In the coming months, the roll-out will progress. It will connect important messages for you to your email and calendar. You will be able to manage and communicate with groups you lead through Elvanto's administrative tools.

Let Yvonne know if you would like to jump in as an "early adopter."

Try to log in using the link at the top right. If you have trouble, send a note to webmaster@exeteruu.org or office@exeteruu.org

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