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Our list of resources for assistance with Elvanto at FUUSE is growing. Here are some helpful links:



Ethics in Action Award 2018

Kendra and RenayCongratulations to Renay Allen -Hitzot! Winner of the FUUSE "Ethics in Action " Award.
Each year our congregation recognizes a member who is living our ethics out in the greater community. These are people who guide us, inspire us, and invite us along to participate more in public life.  Recipients of this award from over the years are displayed in the hallway between the Sanctuary and the Community Room.  They are individuals who have made a difference by living our Unitarian Universalist values out loud in the world.

Renay  has used her multiple talents to build community in aid of environmental, and social justice for a long time, but her efforts have gone into super-hyper-drive this past year.   The works she has championed this year alone are almost too numerous to name, but here goes:

  • Renay was a leader in gathering people to join the 2017 National Women’s March and she organized a “Virtual Women’s March” at FUUSE to share the progressive loving energy of activism with all of us shortly after.   
  • You probably know that she was one of the members of the culture keepers/culture makers art group for racial unity in Exeter whose work has been displayed widely.  Her painting of a glowing goddess facing a line police in riot gear brings tears to my eyes. 
  • Renay has been active in the program Energize 360, a solar panel initiative in which she has helped earn enough credits to be granted a free panel for a building in downtown Exeter.
  • Renay is responsible for helping to bring a host of great speakers to Exeter in her work with We the People.  The lecture series engages thousands of people every year in conversations around the intersections of religion and current events.
  • Renay is also a member of Exeter Rises, a new progressive group that focuses in local and state politics . And in her spare time, she is inviting Exeter area people to create a literary heritage trail.
  • Renay’s community activism is interwoven with her commitment to FUUSE.  She is an active member of the Social Justice Committee, the Green Team and the Artivists whose Clean Energy Mural has been displayed in numerous locations.  She is also the co-editor of the Active Hope Newsletter which keeps us updated on opportunities to get involved in all of the justice work our church members are connected to.

No one can match Renay’s brilliant energy as a community organizer and voice for change, however, she manages to multiply her efforts by encouraging all of us to partner with her.  We are inspired by how Renay puts her Ethics into Action and we are so grateful that she is a member of the FUUSE community.  

FUUSE newsletter - your input is needed

FUUSE newsletter - What could be included? Our newsletter needs your input - you could send in a story of interest, share family news, or such over the summer or anytime of the year. The form is online or click this link: Submit your newsy item or writing, As always, if you have any questions or need help, contact Yvonne Zinicola, Office and Membership Manager. (office@exeteruu.org or 603-772-4002).

Addressing Whiteness for Collective Liberation - WORKSHOP

Addressing Whiteness for Collective Liberation
Saturday, March 10, 2018
9:30am-3:30pm in Rockport, MA

A workshop for any one who seeks to move from head to heart and from idea to behavior to address whiteness

Link to workshop information - click here!

If you are interested to attend and would like to know other FUUSE folks who are going or to carpool, please contact Pat Yosha: pyosha@comcast.net 


FUUSE Online Directory - how to locate and use it

FUUSE directory
Some have realized that the FUUSE directory is and has been available 24/7 to you on Elvanto.org Elvanto is the most current Directory information to the moment, so it is always your best resource for contacting people.
You do need to log in, so that we keep your information secure and limited to our congregation. If you have not yet logged in to Elvanto, please contact Yvonne Zinicola by emailing: office@exeteruu.org and say "Please send me a link to create my own password and log into FUUSE Elvanto."  Then read the first screen you see after you log in.The directory is easy to use and you can also access it from your smart phone. Contact the office if you requested a printed copy. If these options do not work for you or if you have questions, please contact Yvonne Zinicola, Office and Membership Manager: office@exeteruu.org

Update your listing in the FUUSE Directory
Help make connections. Share a little about yourself in the FUUSE Online Member Directory. Learn more about the person you met Sunday.
Watch the Youtube video, or read the web page articles to get started.  

Click here for the article about how to log in for the first time.

Click here for the article about editing your own personal information.


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