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Elvanto Resources

Our list of resources for assistance with Elvanto at FUUSE is growing. Here are some helpful links:


For more help anytime email Bill Downall <webmaster@exeteruu.org> or Yvonne Zinicola <office@exeteruu.org>.

Annual Fund, Capital Campaign and donations "how to"

Summertime and opportunities to give: Annual Fund and the Capital Campaign
Summer is upon us as is the end of the FUUSE fiscal year, which ends June 30, 2018. And so we are reminded of many things, but this reminder is to ask you to please:

  • Fulfill your Annual Fund pledge for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018)
  • Set up your donations to the Annual Fund for Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019) and to the Building Our Future Capital Campaign.
  • Continue the practice of giving over the summer as it helps us with cash flow and staff and overhead costs are year round.

Would you like to start automated giving? Online giving can automate your donations. It also relieves the staff and volunteers of many hours otherwise spent typing transactions into accounting software, endorsing checks, and taking checks to the bank. With online giving, your donation goes directly into our bank account and the financial data goes directly into our accounting software. FUUSE uses an online donations payment platform called Mogiv.

If you would like to use online giving for both the Annual Fund and the Capital Campaign, set up two separate giving schedules, one for each campaign.

For instructions:

Click here for FUUSE-specific notes and tips for donating through Mogiv.

Click here for Mogiv’s step by step instructions for setting up your payments.

Already giving online and want to change it? To change your online giving amount or dates,  please be sure you remove your old schedule of payments in Mogiv and set up a new one. Click here for instructions.

Give in the manner in which you are comfortable. The office is open year round and will be accepting online payments (easiest method to process), checks mailed (to P.O Box 627 only please) or call us first if you wish to run a check by the office.

Thank you for your dedication and the sharing of your treasure with FUUSE to help us fulfill our mission.

Our mission: At FUUSE we seek to build a caring, inclusive community where we can ground ourselves spiritually, pursue justice in the larger society, and work to heal the natural world.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Yvonne Zinicola, office@exeteruu.org


One Sky - Give it Away

  • Give It Away for One Sky Community Service -Please join us in welcoming Chris Muns and Billie Tooley from One Sky Community Services for our June 17th Give It Away offering.  For the past 34 years One Sky Community Services has been supporting and providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities or as they prefer to call it, "alternate abilities" and acquired brain disorders.  They assist in: 
    • -helping their clients make choices about where they live, work or spend time
    • -using all existing resources possible to create and maintain support services that are flexible and responsive to the needs of each individual
    • -Assisting families in ways to maximize their support for the individuals they serve
    • -Promoting community understanding, acceptance and support for individuals with disabilities
    • -Fostering inclusion of those they serve in community relationships and affairs
    • -Working together with citizens, professionals, and partner organizations to realize their mission
    • They provide services in 24 Rockingham County towns.  Come hear how these goals are achieved and how we can make a difference...as the organization points out:  We are ALL in this together....under ONE SKY.

Training for Sanctuary Volunteers

TRAINING FOR SANCTUARY VOLUNTEERS: The Seacoast Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition is preparing to provide sanctuary to an immigrant family facing the threat of deportation.  We need overnight volunteers and others who will share the wonderful work of this important endeavor.  Interested volunteers are invited to join us for Part 1 of a two-part volunteer training on either June 24 or 27, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at First Parish Church, 218 Central Avenue in Dover.  Join us to learn about program expectations and values, and to get to know our team. We will focus specifically on the role of the overnight volunteer, but all interested people are welcome. Note: Part 2 will take place later in the summer.
Refreshments will be provided.  Registration is required so please RSVP to Charlotte Ramsay, your congregation’s volunteer coordinator, (clcramsay@gmail.com).  

*The Seacoast Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition is a gathering of faith communities and individuals who strive to follow the teachings at the core of our various faith traditions: Love our neighbor and welcome the stranger.  We are dismayed by (1) the current treatment of undocumented immigrants; (2) the separation of families by needless deportation; and (3) the appalling increase in hate-filled speech and hate-inspired violence in our country.  We place ourselves in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors and offer sanctuary to immigrant families who face threats of detention, deportation, family separation, and violence.

Summer Services at FUUSE and thereabouts

Summer Services at FUUSE: Over the last several years, our summer services have grown from just a few each Sunday to 20+ nearly every Sunday in 2017. My hope is we that we continue this trend of solid summer participation making FUUSE a vibrant spiritual place during the summer months. You can help make that happen by joining in this summer. Beginning on July 15th and for five consecutive weeks thereafter, we will hold "Breakfast Church," a different way of experiencing community.

Join us! Bring a bite to eat and a bit for someone else and be ready for a summer service with a twist! We'll have music, poetry and reflective conversation over a shared meal. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend even if you can't bring breakfast food to share.

By the way, we are looking for helpers for the breakfast part and with leading elements of the service. If you want to get involved with this new way of being together on a Sunday morning during the summer months, contact Mary Doane at MaryDoane62@gmail.com


Summer Services at First Congregational Society Unitarian

143 Exeter Rd

Hampton Falls, NH 03844


SUNDAY, JUNE 24– Rev. Deborah Knowlton, Minister, First Church, Hampton, NH

SUNDAY, JULY 1— Rev. Jeffrey Barz-Snell, Minister, First Church -Unitarian, Salem, MA

SUNDAY, JULY 8— George Daniel Harvey, Lay Minister, First Congregational Society, Hampton Falls

SUNDAY, JULY 15— Rev. Tom Wintle, Senior Minister, First Parish, Weston, MA

SUNDAY, JULY 22—Rev. Kenneth Clarke, Minister, Old First Church, Old Bennington, VT with Remembrance of Lib Ring. David Kenney, organist

SUNDAY, JULY 29—Rev. Tom Wintle, Senior Minister, First Parish, Weston, MA


SUNDAY, AUG. 5— Rev. Kelly Asprooth-Jackson, Minister, First Parish, Beverly, MA

SUNDAY, AUG. 12— Rev. Mark Caggiano, Minister, First Church, Unitarian Universalist, Chestnut Hill, MA

SUNDAY, AUG. 19— Rev. Tom Wintle, Senior Minister, First Parish Church, Beverly, MA

SUNDAY, AUG. 26— Rev. Joseph Bassett, Minister Emeritus, First Church, Universalist-Unitarian, Chestnut Hill, MA

SUNDAY, SEPT. 2— Rev. Joseph Bassett, Minister Emeritus, First Church, Universalist-Unitarian, Chestnut Hill, MA

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter
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