We have plans for the future, but we need your help. Read about our hopes for improvements at FUUSE on our web page.

While we know that everyone cannot make a gift of the same size, we would like everyone to make a gift proportionate to his or her means.

Payments should be made over a period of 36 to 48 months or less. A longer period may be arranged, if necessary. We suggest a 10% down payment on your pledge.

Pledge payments are in addition to your regular Annual Fund support and pledge. Those funds pay for our day-to-day operation, while your pledge in this campaign will be used specifically for our building project. 

After you make your pledge here, your down payment and your future scheduled payments can be made in any of these ways:

If you choose to pay by check, payment reminders and special payment envelopes can be mailed to you in accordance with your wishes and your planned payment schedule.