Blue Card -- FUUSE Connection Card

There are paper "blue cards" in our pews that we ask people to fill out and leave at the church if they want to introduce themselves. If you have not done that, you can instead fill out the form below to send us the same information. Thank you!

After we receive your form submission (or your paper, blue "FUUSE Connection Card"), a nametag will be provided to you within two weeks. You can find it in (nearly) alphabetical order in the nametag rack.

When you provide an email address, you will be added to our weekly newsletter and other communications. You may opt out if you wish.

Tip: (website, Facebook, letter, word of mouth, etc.)

Names of Adults

Tip: Primary Adult contact for self or family

Tip: Primary adult last name

Tip: other adult in household

Tip: (Second adult's relationship to primary name)

Names of Children

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